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Application Requirements(Please read carefully)


The purpose of this contest is to allow you to freely express what you want to convey about the Charm of Japan and have it widely popularized by Cool Japan. Contest entries will be evaluated by judges who are active in pop culture and inbound tourism, with outstanding entries planned to be adopted by the Government of Japan in efforts to promote the Charm of Japan in overseas diplomatic establishments, public relations, receptions, social media and more.


Cool Japan Public-Private Collaboration Platform (Executing Agency: Cabinet Office Intellectual Property Strategy)

Application Period

December 15th, 2020 ~ March 31st, 2021

Application Contents

Entries are to be focused on the theme of the Charm of Japan. Express what you want to convey about the Charm of Japan in one video.

Entry Requirements

Nationality, Age, Sex/Gender, Professional/Amateur will not be taken into account. Those living outside of Japan may also apply. Minors must obtain consent from a parent or guardian.

Application Divisions

  • Documentary Division (Videos focused on food, nature, artisans, traditional crafts, festivals, etc.)
  • Animation Division (Animation, still images made into flipbooks, 3DCG, etc.)
  • Free Division (A video made with an original, distinctive point of view that does not fall into the above categories.)
  • Contest entries are subject to inspection by the Cool Japan Video Contest Executing Agency before publication on a specially-made site. Please understand that some entries may be refused for publication or otherwise altered.

Application Method

  • Videos created will need to be uploaded to your personal YouTube or NicoNico account with the hashtag #CJVideos2020. After uploading, please enter the video URL into the official website’s Video Submission Form.
  • Applications with videos uploaded to Niconico will need the tag CJVideosContest and the name of the applied division (Animation Division, Nature, Townscape, Documentary Division, Free Division).
  • Please create a video between 10 seconds and 3 minutes. Videos taken with a smartphone can be submitted. Please make sure your file is in a format suitable for YouTube or Niconico. You can check the supported formats at the links below:

Supported YouTube File Formats

Supported Niconico File Formats (Japanese)

It is possible to submit multiple videos. However, you may only submit up to three videos per application form. If you wish to submit more than three videos, you must first return to the top page to submit another application. Winners will be limited to one video per person/group.

Example Video


Although things like anime and cafes are continuing to rise in popularity, this video takes a look at an old, Japanese-style house.
The traditional wood-burning stove and the sunken hearth fireplace help us keep in mind the Japanese charm of simpler times and the way things used to be.

Applications are now closed


  • Entries to this program will be posted on the website. Postings will be made by the executing agency. (Posts will not be made on weekends or holidays.)
  • Contributors must own the rights to the videos submitted. Contributors must also ensure that they have the right to any music or material appearing in the videos. If it is later discovered that any part of the video is owned by another party, it will result in disqualification from any nomination and/or revocation of award.
  • After the award ceremony, winning entries are allowed to be used freely by the Cabinet Office of Japan without receiving prior consent from the applicant.

Selection, Announcement Process

  • After a preliminary evaluation, entries that move on to final evaluation will be posted on a special page and presented on various social media, such as Twitter and/or Instagram.
  • Winning entries will be announced at the official award ceremony to be held in Japan (Saturday, July 3rd 2021), on various social media platforms, and in article publications.
  • Only winning applicants will be contacted by the executing agency. Please understand that we are unable to answer any questions regarding the selection process or the results thereof.


  • Aoki Yu's profile picture

    Aoki Yu

    President and CEO of MATCHA, Inc.
    Born in Tokyo in 1989 and graduated from the School of Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University. President and CEO of MATCHA, Inc. Regional Producer for the Cabinet Office’s COOL JAPAN. Traveled around the world as a student, and was engaged with the production of the 2012 Doha International Book Fair. He started working independently after serving at the digital agency augment5 inc. He started operating MATCHA, internet media designed for foreign visitors to Japan in February 2014. MATCHA collaborates with various organizations, prefectures and local governments, is currently available in 10 languages and is accessible in over 180 countries.

  • Yupharet Eakturapakal's profile picture

    Yupharet Eakturapakal

    CEO & Founder, G-Yu Creative Co., Ltd.
    CEO & Founder of G-Yu Creative Co., Ltd., an organization focused on Thailand that plans and operates all divisions of large-scale Japan-related events, entertainment shows and concerts, and also provides business matching support between Japan and Thailand. As a die-hard fan of Japan, he has utilized his experience studying in Japan to plan and operate over 100 Japan-related events, including Japan Expo Thailand. The Facebook page used for these events has a large number of followers, and the media often refers to them as the “Queen of Japan Events”. He is also the recipient of numerous awards, such as the CEO AEC AWARD. He has an extensive network with the media, government, and celebrities.

  • Hirano Aya's profile picture

    Hirano Aya

    Hirano Aya kicked off her career as a child actor in 1998, later debuting as a voice actor when she was just fourteen years old. She got her big break as the titular character in the 2006 anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and has given voices to numerous characters since. Her range of activities were well-rounded from the start, initially making appearances as an actor, voice actor, and singer. In 2006 she began holding solo tours in animation and music, much to the delight of fans in both industries. In that same year, she was appointed by the Cabinet Office as an Ambassador of COOL JAPAN responsible for Pop Culture initiatives. She has made performances at overseas events in the USA and France, helping popularize Japanese content across the globe. Her stage appearances include Lady Bess, Mozart!, and Les Miserables. She is known in the anime world for her roles in The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, FAIRY TAIL, DEATH NOTE, and Let’s Go! Anpanman.

  • Makino Tomoe's profile picture

    Makino Tomoe

    After being responsible for web service development at AOL Japan, he was in charge of the development of new domestic projects for Google and YouTube as a director of business development at Google from 2003 to 2010. In 2011, he was involved with the planning and implementation of business strategies to increase the number of Twitter users in Japan. After that, he was appointed as the Representative Director of Tripadvisor in September 2016. He also collaborated with local governments to promote inbound tourism with foreign travelers’ perspectives in mind. He retired from the company in November 2020. Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Digital Strategy Advisor. He has a profound knowledge of IT platform-related business development and content application.

  • Matsumoto Rika's profile picture

    Matsumoto Rika

    She has been involved in the acting industry since she was a little girl, and has stood tall as an actress on various stages, including in the music industry. With an inherently cheerful and lighthearted voice, she also serves as a radio personality and variety program commentator.
    Her performance of the Pokemon anime title theme song Mezase Pokemon Master sold over two million copies. She was the first woman to sing the Kamen Rider song Alive A Life, capturing the hearts of many fans across all generations. She works to bring smiles to children’s faces through the Manmaru Project, an initiative that she launched. In 2019 she published her own children’s book series titled Yumeraccho. As she has many fans across the glove, she is very active overseas as well, giving solo singing performances and making appearances at conventions such as Japan Expo. She was appointed as an ambassador of Cool Japan in 2019.

  • Kenichi Watanabe's profile picture

    Kenichi Watanabe

    President, XPJP, Inc.
    Value Designer
    Cabinet Office Value Design Committee Member, COOL JAPAN Strategy Experts Committee Member
    After working for KDDI, The Asahi Shimbum and the Cabinet Secretariat’s Regional Revitalization Integrated Secretariat, he became the president of XPJP and serves as a representative of the board of directors for Genki Japan. He is also a researcher at the Graduate School of System Design and Management at Keio University. Watanabe is also involved in Japanese value design centered around SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious). As the general producer of international-regional branding operations, he has developed projects for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Sports Agency, the prefectural governments of Fukushima, Kochi, Tochigi and Ehime, Kansai Tourism Bureau, and the cities of Ishigaki, Tsuruoka and Ise. Born in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan and attended Gakushuin University in Tokyo. Completed courses at UC San Diego Extension and the Business for International Professionals Certificate Program (BUSIP) at the University of Washington.

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